AEON Invert stem – Carbon Forged Gold – Purge V2

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The new AEON Invert stem is for the Edition 4 – Lounge, Basic, Premium & Premium Plus. When you attach the AEON Invert stem to your Edition 4, the smoke is brought up through the stem when you blow it out and then released back towards the plate through the upward blow out holes and the smoke is blown upwards to the plate. The sleeves are available individually and can be purchased separately. You need the AEON Invert stem and then you can optionally buy other sleeves and thus change the design of the AEON Invert stem.

The AEON Invert stem now has a 18/8 ground joint attached to the top. Thus, molasses traps or other components with 18/8 grind can be attached to the Invert stem without additional adapter.

24k gold particles are incorporated in the carbon.

It can happen that some decorative threads in the carbon have color deviations or are laid unevenly. Also small air bubbles may occur in the carbon.

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