Dschinni Baba Crystal Blackstar

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The Baba is one of the most famous hookahs of our field. It perfectly represents Dschinnis company philosophy. Modernise old traditional shapes and functions completely and bring them up to date in a quality manner. The result of this, is this beautiful and graceful hookah that makes hookah hearts beat faster. Elegance meets quality and this with an unbelievable smoking behaviour.

The Baba is a multi-person hookah and therefore has to meet certain criteria to be smokeable with several people, including a larger diameter at the various components through which the smoke must pass. The smallest diameter determines the total diameter of the hookah, so it doesn’t matter if the immersion tube has a diameter of 12mm, if the hose adapter – who has almost always the smallest diameter – is smaller. This is why the Baba has a large volume of the smoke bodies (vase and body) and of course the diameters of the immersion tube and body are above average, which makes the airflow simply enormous if you smoke alone. But when you smoke with multiple hoses the sense behind this becomes more than clear. It is designed, that you don’t ‘steal’ smoke of each other and the smoking behaviour becomes softer. You have to have a large volume to adapt to the smoking behaviour of a multi-hose hookah, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke the hookah alone.

This hookah is compatible with the corresponding Dschinni Baba molasses catcher.

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