Dschinni Clyde Purple Rain

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The perfect table and travel hookah

That size has nothing to say is proven by these two little beasts that are underestimated at first glance. What we have here is a hookah that is perfect in shape and function and leaves nothing to be desired.

Due to the optimized proportions, the smoke becomes simply perfectly dense and firm, without losing any of its draught and smoky taste.

The materials and the manifacturing quality speak for themselves, we only use selected and high-quality materials and the refinement of the hookah makes it very clear that this is not just any old hookah.

For the glass we only use High Borosilicate Glass 3.3, i.e. we use the best glass.

The solid base gives the hookah a very stable footing and also looks very noble, as if the hookah was standing on a pedestal. It also saves space without sacrificing stability.

The hookah comes standard with a 14.5 hose adapter that works with a ground joint. The dummy plugs are just placeholders, the blow out valve is used to let out stale smoke from the vase. You can connect up to 4 hose adapters to the hookah and enjoy the hookah with up to 4 people. You can find the corresponding joint adapters here on the Dschinni page.

This hookah hasn’t been our top seller for nothing. It is especially popular in the summer months with travellers and people who want a high quality table hookah.

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