Dschinni Rookie Green Rainbow

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The Dschinni Rookie is a modern shisha, with modern organic forms, that has been kept simple but highly efficient.

Rookie is a synonym for beginner or novice, and that explains it quite good. The shisha has been designed very user-friendly and is very simple and quick to assemble. It is made from anodized aluminum, which makes the Shisha very light, but it is nevertheless high quality and has a long life due to the click systems.

One of the highlights is the immersion tube with click system. This is unique and very innovative. The immersion tube is inserted and rotated approx. 100 degrees until it clicks into place.

The immersion tube is made of 304 stainless steel.

The glass is not made of borosilicate glass and should therefore only be cleaned or rinsed with lukewarm water.

The base of the shisha also has a click system to connect both components, i.e. the body and the vase.

The proportions have been chosen in a way that ensures that the smoking behaviour and draft are in perfect proportion to each other and do not interfere.

This smoke behaviour makes even experienced smokers very happy and makes the shisha an all-rounder.