Dschinni Stealth Bomber Classic Venom Gold

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Who doesn’t know the V of this hookah? It is a legendary hookah from Dschinni and probably the best-selling stainless steel hookah ever, the name says it all.

This is all down to the uncompromising, unrivalled quality that no one has ever matched in this price range and even far beyond if you look at the material components alone. We are the only manufacturer relying on the best combination of glass and high-quality stainless steel.

Glass is not glass, we use high-quality HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS 3.3, The Stealth Bomber features the best glass material on the market.

The Stealth Bomber got of course all sorts of excellent features like the Closed Chamber System, which comes from Dschinni and improves the smoking behaviour significantly. On the one hand it reduces the volume of the vase, which in combination with the proportions of the immersion tube and the vase, makes it much easier to suck by reducing the volume and thus the distance to the water, the result is a higher smoke density in the hookah and then a nice white dense smoke when blowing out.

At the base there are 4 connectors, 2 dummy plugs which are placeholders, 1 hose adapter with a 14.5 ground joint and a blowout valve to blow the smoke out of the vase on this side. The dummy plugs and the blowout valve can be replaced by additional ground joint adapters and allow smoking with up to 4 people.

The immersion tube in the colour Purple Rain has a removable diffuser which can be interchanged if you want a classic smoking behaviour with a lot of bubbling. For this you can also use the immersion tube extensions, which keep the water level constant otherwise you would have to fill water into the vase without the diffusor, because you shorten the immersion tube.

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