Kong Godzilla Hookah Bowl

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BOWLS PRODUCED IN PROFESSIONAL FURNACES at a temperature of more than 1200 degrees, which do not absorb the odors of used tobacco.

CERAMIC BOWL ORIGINAL TASTE: Compared to traditional silicone, It is more likely to maintain the original flavor of the tobacco without the appearance of gummy and burnt flavors.

EASY USE: Either cover it with foil or other metal charcoal holder

Killer style bowl which can take between 15-25g of flavour depending on packing method. Compatible with foil and heat management devices such as Kaloud and Zeppelin

Kong 🦍 has now been joined by the king of all monsters – Godzilla!

When the indestructible Daikaiju spews atomic flames from his mouth, his mega-strong scale glows blue 💫 This is how our craftsmen were inspired while working on the design of the bowl.

It has a small hole where Godzilla’s mouth is. When the hookah is blown out, thick smoke comes out of this hole 💨, and it seems that this mutant is about to spew a bright flame 🔥

Weight 12 oz
Height 5.5 in
Diameter 3 in
Capacity 15-25gram