Mob Neptune Hookah

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If you are looking for a shisha smoking pipe that is a performer and has stunning looks, the MOB Neptune hookah is just it. Everything about the Neptune is designed to create a statement – from the classy metal tray to the long thick stem and majestic tinted black glass base. You are going to fall head over heels with it.

This hubbly bubbly is made to deliver excellent draws with every puff. They are just perfect if you want to share some fun times with friends and family. The sturdy design also makes it unbelievably durable, and will be a perfect addition to you hookah lounge.

Things that make the Neptune a must have:

Has a cool look that makes it stand out among many
Made to deliver the true flavor of your tobacco with every puff
Strong and sturdy construction makes it a long lasting hookah
Makes a lovely addition to bonding moments with loved ones

In the box:
Glass Base

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