Olla Mini Temple – Black Shine

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Inspired by the ancient Roman temples, columns and stairs, the Tempio bowl is crafted from our special mix of Italian white clay. Is signed with two iconic crowns of the Olla logo and its written in letters offers a modern and elegant look. The tips are designed to hug the HMD and not let it slip, great for smaller and low-balance hookahs. It’s just the right size to let you savor a small amount of tobacco for a long time session.

Item details:

Material: Italian white clay;

Color: black shine;

Bowl height: 6 cm;

Diameter: 10,5 cm;

Weight: 0,330 gr;

Capacity: 10 gr.


 Gradual heating and balanced temperature which allows to enjoy your Hookah session for a longer time, never exceeding 100°C (212° F) thanks to the Italian white clay quality used;

 Suitable for heat control devices like Kaloud;

 No ash leaks;

 Sharing is caring: enjoy your Hookah experience like you were smoking an Italian masterpiece.

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