Contraband – Russian Roulette Hookah

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Contraband Hookah’s RUSSIAN ROULETTE Hookah is a small yet beautifully crafted German hookah. It features a stainless steel stem and downstem with POM heart with a resin sleeve on top. It has a 360 degree purge that goes upwards from the heart towards the tray. It also features a crystal glass base also comes complete with a glazed clay funnel bowl and chimney heat management system so no foil is required.

Features/Whats included:
• 15.5 inches tall from base to top of the stem (taller with head & hmd)
• Stainless steel stem & downstem with black POM heart with resin sleeve
• Glazed funnel bowl
• Stainless steel chimney heat management system
• 360 degrees stem purge,purges up the stem
• Stainless steel mouthpiece with soft touch hose with tension spring
• Diffuser included
• Clear heavy crystal base
• Stainless Steel Tongs
• Made in Germany

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